URU, il folletto artigiano

Who we are

I am the spiteful goblin of the Salento.

You can hear stories about me, told by local people, who have handed them down from one generation to another.

I have a different name, according to the different areas of the ‘‘Boot Heel’: so in Lecce I’m Laurieddhu or Lauru, in the South- Salento I’m Monacieddhru, Municieddhru or Scazzamureddhru, while the Uru nickname is typical of Northern Salento. However, It is me again, the same “sprite”.

I look tiny, but people describe me in so many ways: someone says that I am a small gnome and someone else says that I am just over meter highs. I distinguished myself for my pointed ears, my black eyes, shiny eyes, and my bizarre cap.

I am by nature spiteful and irritating, I enjoy many  ways: doing nightmares in the night to wake up the inhabitants, overthrowing dishes and pots, hiding objects in the most impossible places, pulling the young women’s hair, tickling the men’s feet while they sleep, pinching them.

When I'm not busy with my little spits, I'm around for the Salento workshops and craftsmen, busy in another pastime!

What I'm up to

If you follow me in this exciting journey through the most hidden places of Salento, you will discover the artisans and the magic of the old mastery.

I will go search through it here and there to discovery the excellence of the territory.

We will rediscover ancient art of pottery and terracotta production, admiring pumi (acorn-shaped ornaments native to the region) and owls, local housewives and all that you need to make your table elegant, rich and colourful shades of Puglia.

You will love stories of weaving, which is the story of Salento, of silent women and untiring workers who met in a yard, or in front of a loom, weaving or embroidering, maybe the daughters’  trousseau.

You will admire the "paperwork" of puppeteers (pupari), the result of an ancient art born in the late '600s, in the back of some Lecce’s barber or simple people who shaped cloth rags, covering them with paper and crafting the famous statues and holy figures that we find in many churches.

You will never let run away the wicker basket, flasks and wicker totes or rattan (bags), which the old basket maker still weave with their hands; or even the trays and the zinc plates worked by tinkers with the ancient  tools.

In addition, Salento is known, also for its patron saint's festivals and famous village fates, thanks to culinary delights and to special illuminations. These illuminations turned off during the day, decorate the old town, and in the evening they light up in a thrilling joy of a thousand lights.
With me, you will find ancient arts which create new treasures.
 I will become your Goblin - Craftsman!

The creativity of Marcella

What we loved about URU is that engaging spirit of those who never stop,
Of those who want to look for, discover, find, try and share.
Here is what we loved about Uru, the Goblin - Craftsman.
Looking for excellence
Searching for originality
Finding something amazing.
Trying the news.
Sharing not only the product but also all its history.