The goblin artisan

Welcome to the world of Uru, the goblin-artisan of the Salento's creations.

Uru, the little goblin of the Salento,
has pointed ears and a bizarre cap

He is spiteful, but if you are his friend, he helps you to make a fortune and to find a thousand treasures, the most hidden ones.

So he became our goblin - artisan. He goes here and there to look for Salento's most authentic workshops and laboratories.

Uru will help you to find ancient arts that will form new treasures.


Uru's creations are a wise combination of precious materials, love for the Salento tradition and taste for modern design.
Each of our creation can be customized and shipped directly to your home.


Uru has a passion for setting up charming masserie and private homes.
Whether you are the owner of a guesthouse or a private residence, you can ask for our advice to decorate and furnish your spaces with all Uru creations.